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Title: Measuring sound level with Zabbix
Description: Test consumer electronics with enterprise tools!
Date: March 22, 2019
Cover: /media/zabbix/graph-real.png
Featured_Project: true
Here's a way to observe sound level from a microphone using an IT monitoring system.
Here's how I watched the sound level from a microphone with a Raspberry Pi and an IT monitoring system.
# Why?
- I wanted to measure how long an old MP3 player could play until the battery died
- ...without having to listen to the music
- ...and I wanted to find out as soon as it stopped playing.
I wanted to...
- measure how long an old MP3 player could play until the battery died
- ... without having to listen to the music
- ... and I wanted to find out as soon as it stopped playing.
# Zabbix
Zabbix is an open-source monitoring tool. I already use it to keep an eye on my servers. Maybe it can help here?
[Zabbix](https://zabbix.com) is an open-source enterprise IT monitoring tool.
I already use it to keep an eye on my servers. Maybe it can help here?
# Measuring volume
......@@ -55,17 +56,19 @@ First, some housekeeping on the Zabbix server:
2. Create a new **Item** for the `soundmonitor` host. Let's call it `soundlevel`. ![Item](/media/zabbix/item.png)
3. Put the Item on a **Graph**. ![Graph](/media/zabbix/graph.png)
Now we can test the `zabbix_sender` command.
Let's test the `zabbix_sender` command...
zabbix_sender -z zabbix.example.net -s soundmonitor -k soundlevel -o "0.5"
Take a look at the graph. It should now have our fake datapoint!
...and check the graph. It should have our fake datapoint.
![Graph 0.5](/media/zabbix/graph-0.5.png)
# All together
There it is!
# Assembling the pieces
We can use [command substitution](https://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/html_node/Command-Substitution.html) to string together a one-liner.
......@@ -76,9 +79,9 @@ zabbix_sender -z zabbix.example.net \
-o "$(rec -n stat trim 0 .5 2>&1 | awk '/^Maximum amplitude/ { print $3 }')"
This takes the numeric sound level from the `rec|awk` combination and passes it as the `-o` argument of `zabbix_sender`.
This takes the numeric sound level from `rec | awk` and passes it as an argument to `zabbix_sender`.
Now, we just need to put this in a loop...
Now just put that in a loop...
while true; do
......@@ -89,8 +92,42 @@ while true; do
...and we have a working pipeline.
# Ta-da!
![Graph (for real)](/media/zabbix/graph-real.png)
Pausing the iPod produced that valley in the middle. Based on this test, I set a **Trigger** for `soundlevel` falling below `0.5` for 60 seconds or longer.
# Extra credit
The Raspberry Pi might lose power and restart. We can address that with a `systemd` service running the `zabbix_sender` loop.
### `/etc/systemd/system/zs.service`
After=network.target network-online.target
This takes care of a few things:
1. Waits until a network is available.
2. Sets the `AUDIODEV` and `AUDIODRIVER` environment variables required by `rec`.
3. Runs the script at `/usr/local/bin/zs.sh` (which contains the loop we wrote).
Enable the new service with `systemctl enable zs.service`, and start it with `service zs start`. It will automatically start on reboot.
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